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World of Warcraft is not always just playing the game. Check out the scenery every once in a while. Take a picture make it pretty and let everyone else know about it. Ever play World of Warcraft and just liked the scenery? I have that's why I started making World of Warcraft Wallpapers. There extremely easy and can be a lot of fun at times. Here are some quick Tips on how to make your wallpaper pictures right. -Always have some type scenery Just getting a close up of something isn't always the best. It can cause the picture to turn out fuzzy or just plain..well ugly. Try to have a focus one thing then try to capture also what's around it. -Add Effects Taking a picture while someone is casting a spell or just getting of the spell is really awesome looking. Try to utilize this when for example a mage cast Ice Nova and is charged by a warrior. That's some pretty amazing looking stuff. Also being underwater can add quite the effect. -The angle Try taking your picture at different angles to see what you can do with it. Also taking it at different angles can cause different effects with the picture. This might mean causing the main focus to turn into something else. So there you have it folks some awesome tips and hopefully you'll start getting some awesome Wallpapers or Pics to spread around. But if you really want to get the word out about your amazing Wallpaper submit it to the site down below!