Gallery Wallpaper Apple

If your like the millions of people who has brought an new Apple iPhone, I'm sure your just like the rest of and absolutely love it. The iPhone really is hottest phone around. Once you get your iPhone out of the box and handle it for the first time the sleek curves and the touch screen seduce you immediately. Now the iPhone phone is amazing but your iPhone will look just like everybody else's unless you decide to customize it. There are many ways you can do this but one of the coolest is with new wallpaper. It's a non permanent way to make your iPhone stand out from the rest.Changing the iPhones wallpaper really is a piece of cake. The wallpaper is basically a picture saved in a format that can be uploaded and saved to your iPhone and all you need is a computer an access to the Internet and your away. So where do you get these wallpapers from, well you could start by just doing a Google search that will throw up plenty of options.